Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Perfect sync

I'm trying to learn all this cloud computing, syncing stuff. I use an Android phone and both Linux and Windows on the computer.

There are programs like Evernote and OneNote where you write your notes and then you can see the notes on all your devices in sync. This is the same thing with a calendar and to-do lists.

Because of being on Android, Google becomes your main account. On iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phones and probably the Firefox phones too, there would be a similar sort of main account and there would be similar syncing apps, according to the system you use.

Google becomes the main account on Android and so the calendar usually becomes the main syncing account.

But then you don't have to use the Google Calendar app. Other calendar apps can use the account and add some other features. The two big Android alternatives to using Google's calendar app are Sunrise and Cal. I find them both nice.

Sunrise has a lovely friendly interface and reminds you, as well as making it easy, to say happy birthday to your Facebook buddy. Cal is a nice straight forward calendar which also syncs nicely into one of the apps of one of the other of these main syncing apps.. The to-do list.

While it's pretty easy in-and-of itself to just add in your tasks into your calendar, I think an app for my lists is nice, especially when I just want to quickly put it in my phone. One of these simple to use apps is Any.Do which (because it's the same programmers) snaps in to the Cal app. This can be nice and convenient. There are some other simple to-do list apps including specialty lists like Out of Milk for your shopping list or like GTasks and full featured apps including apps in the next section.. Notes.

Two more syncing app subjects to go.
Notes and to the whole-hog office programs that sync.
Evernote and OneNote are basically the same. They have similar apps, widgets and software.

edit: this was a year or two old, as a draft, and i decided to publish it.

these days i don't use windows at all, so onenote is pretty useless.

i don't use evernote anymore.

i do use google calendar.. and dropbox.. and sometimes an app called airdroid to access my phone in my browser.

to be continued

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