Sunday, 16 December 2012

Content Time

It's no use having a blog without content.. neither having a webpage.

For the time being I will focus on content.

This blog here at blogger/blogspot will be the site..
edit 12 april 17 - it is
Where I can type whatever I like and I'll continue with the general what's-a-happening with me..

Wordpress will be and is where I am going to post my own articles.
I will be a journalist and try and post some quality.
edit: i don't need no wordpressation..

I posted my first article already but it was kind of rushed and I want to go back and edit it.

I want to not rush in the future and add links and sources and other interesting info relating to whatever I write about.

I think there is a need for more quality as there is already a shit load of quantity.

I think it'll help that traffic or making money don't really matter to me.
And I don't have time limits or someone making an agenda for me.

Anyway, it doesn't even really matter if I'm talking to myself.

PS. I tried out where you can share powerpoint presentations and documents.
Made a little presentation to test it out and it links in to linkedin..
both of which I need to explore more.
I also need to make a proper page, that is with some actual text.