Saturday, 17 November 2012

Things to Do

I want to get these things down while I am thinking about them.

- List of domains and where they will point

- The PSP site
   Links to other PSP info
   Easy site
   Page of my own current learning and what I'm doing on PSP
   Connected to The Knee

- The Kook
   I'm not sure if it will be separate to Konspiracy, exactly the same page or a combination
   Basically The Kook will be the paranoid conspiracy theorist in me
   Will eventually be connected to Talk Kast
   How to differentiate between stoneskull and the kook

- Talk Kast
   Amateur independent voices
   People who don't normally, have never done or woudn't have even thought of having a radio show
   (A basic list of mp3s by contributors and topics)
   Ask people if they're interested in speaking on whatever topics they like
   A page for each about them and their topic
   Who to ask and how?

- ^ something to think about again but basically abandoning all this tk stuff.
edit jan 23 17

- This blog on Blogger/Blogspot
   Whether to continue as I am with Dan and my inner thoughts or whether to just make it a stoneskull blog

- The Knee
   Over tree that includes PSP, music, travel, gaming, comics and other art/craft/creative sort of things

- The Knife and The Kicker
   What are these?

- Connecting my myspace blog, skull burst, this blog.. to The Kerb

- The Kerb
   More thoughts on how it works and linking

- Mobile, G+, Facebook
  What is Google Plus good for?
  Make sites readable on mobile devices?
  A 'likable' facebook page?

- Others
   Smelly and Tantrik
   The Kitty
   Whether to get any proper domains like .com

P.S. Why am I publishing this rather than just do this offline on my computer? Haha.. it helps me doing it this way.. whether nobody is looking at this, lots of people or just me.. it keeps me accountable and also it lasts forever and is accessabel anywhere on any device.


  1. The Kitty could be about memes.. like a reference to lolcats.. could also be things I've noticed on sites like reddit, onion and 4chan
    Smelly could be similar.. maybe sick/disgusting things around the web, but i guess with some sort of humour associated with them
    Tantrik could be about Buddhism, meditation

  2. Mobile, Facebook pages can be easy to do using The Kerb.. and definitely no hurry on them.. can be done once everything else is done
    Don't be concerned about G+, I'm sure this will come as the others evolve

  3. As the Knee is an over tree sort of place, I think make this the hosted site. Perhaps the branches could be hosted there. so the psp site would just be a subdomain, and tantrik, kitty, smelly could be as well.. think of a travel page there. Gaming doesn't matter too much. Vita and emulation could be easily part of PSP. No hurry on Talk Kast. For now concentrate on Kook and Knee.. following with how the Kerb connects.

  4. May as well use coffeecup for The Knee.. buttons for each subsection.. get something up on link other domains to each bit.
    Put the Kook there? Hmm...

  5. Actually I think G+ will be more a connection to this blog and being Dan.. this will separate my facebook and G+ and the way I use both

  6. Keep conspiracy stuff of this blog and G+

  7. Tantrik connected to blog, G+ .. relax on that one for now. This should work out later on.
    So focus on The Knee and Kook.. make a site, and upload it. Most conspiracy stuff will be moved to the kook.. and then maybe linking that stuff to facebook. myspace blogs need to be incorporated there too.

  8. Ok, The Kicker and /or The Knife will be the name of my own Talk Kast

  9. The Kicker will be the Talk Kast
    The Knife will be The Kook's blog on wordpress
    i will try and copy over myspace blogs to theknife
    and theknfe and the kicker will work together

    thekitty and smelly are sharing the same page on google sites for now
    thekonspiracy also has a page at google sites for now

    thekerb and theknee have stand-in pages for the time being.. directing to