Saturday, 17 November 2012


My name is Dan.

My blog here will be my honest thoughts on things.

Quite separate and removed from the areas my ego goes on the web, especially in its alter-ego, stoneskull.

On here, I am Dan.

Disassociated from the anger and issues that get to me.

I guess this is the personal diary section of a multi-faceted adventure I'm on.

Today I started a new web journey, spreading myself out further than I have before but also connecting those spread parts together as well, as one weird entity.

I've created a website and there will be at least one more to come, to cover these parts.

All my interests and my social networking sites will be linked together around a hub.. with different pages and sites for each branch of me.

P.S. I signed up a blogspot account years ago under 'stoneskull'. It is still there but I am unable to access it due to it being registered with an email address provided by a service that shut up shop and so doesn't exist.. and me, not remembering the password for the blog account reset my password and the new one got sent to that non-existent email address. So, it is stuck.. and here I have Stoneskulls Blogspot with an 's' on the end. All in all, I don't mind that at all really.

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