Thursday, 22 November 2012

All happening

Quite excited to have registered domains for stoneskull: and

There is a German graphic artist who has registered and I'll give him a free plug

I've been using the name stoneskull since 1999 as an internet nickname
and always saw that the domain was available but never really cared about it until recently
I am not fussed with the .com being used for a good commercial website at all and wish him the best
and as I am interested more in information/hobbyist/no-profit type media I am happy with my domains
I think I only needed one domain really but it was hard to choose which one! haha - seems an obvious over-tree name. so this will be the hub of all something coming - this can just be basically what is - this seems similar that is here!
(i'll think more on these two latter domains)

in other news:
i updated
this is running on google sites and there is a little problem in directing my domain to it
the front page itself works but the 'sitemap' page doesn't
something to work on...

 more news posted soon once i get myself organizized

edit jan 17.. abandoning free tk domains and avoiding google sites.

edit apr 17 .. i'll be using for sites i think... at least for the upcoming ones

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