Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Perfect sync

I'm trying to learn all this cloud computing, syncing stuff. I use an Android phone and both Linux and Windows on the computer.

There are programs like Evernote and OneNote where you write your notes and then you can see the notes on all your devices in sync. This is the same thing with a calendar and to-do lists.

Because of being on Android, Google becomes your main account. On iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phones and probably the Firefox phones too, there would be a similar sort of main account and there would be similar syncing apps, according to the system you use.

Google becomes the main account on Android and so the calendar usually becomes the main syncing account.

But then you don't have to use the Google Calendar app. Other calendar apps can use the account and add some other features. The two big Android alternatives to using Google's calendar app are Sunrise and Cal. I find them both nice.

Sunrise has a lovely friendly interface and reminds you, as well as making it easy, to say happy birthday to your Facebook buddy. Cal is a nice straight forward calendar which also syncs nicely into one of the apps of one of the other of these main syncing apps.. The to-do list.

While it's pretty easy in-and-of itself to just add in your tasks into your calendar, I think an app for my lists is nice, especially when I just want to quickly put it in my phone. One of these simple to use apps is Any.Do which (because it's the same programmers) snaps in to the Cal app. This can be nice and convenient. There are some other simple to-do list apps including specialty lists like Out of Milk for your shopping list or like GTasks and full featured apps including apps in the next section.. Notes.

Two more syncing app subjects to go.
Notes and to the whole-hog office programs that sync.
Evernote and OneNote are basically the same. They have similar apps, widgets and software.

edit: this was a year or two old, as a draft, and i decided to publish it.

these days i don't use windows at all, so onenote is pretty useless.

i don't use evernote anymore.

i do use google calendar.. and dropbox.. and sometimes an app called airdroid to access my phone in my browser.

to be continued

Monday, 21 April 2014

This is

I will be transferring some of my old myspace blogs here over the next period of time.

myspace cancelled their blog service awhile ago and recently enabled downloading them in text form.

i will need to reformat and update them. is my google plus is in limbo right now

and is the wordpress my new site to come which is exciting

edit (strikethoughs): 12 Apr 2017

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Content Time

It's no use having a blog without content.. neither having a webpage.

For the time being I will focus on content.

This blog here at blogger/blogspot will be the site..
edit 12 april 17 - it is
Where I can type whatever I like and I'll continue with the general what's-a-happening with me..

Wordpress will be and is where I am going to post my own articles.
I will be a journalist and try and post some quality.
edit: i don't need no wordpressation..

I posted my first article already but it was kind of rushed and I want to go back and edit it.

I want to not rush in the future and add links and sources and other interesting info relating to whatever I write about.

I think there is a need for more quality as there is already a shit load of quantity.

I think it'll help that traffic or making money don't really matter to me.
And I don't have time limits or someone making an agenda for me.

Anyway, it doesn't even really matter if I'm talking to myself.

PS. I tried out where you can share powerpoint presentations and documents.
Made a little presentation to test it out and it links in to linkedin..
both of which I need to explore more.
I also need to make a proper page, that is with some actual text.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

All happening

Quite excited to have registered domains for stoneskull: and

There is a German graphic artist who has registered and I'll give him a free plug

I've been using the name stoneskull since 1999 as an internet nickname
and always saw that the domain was available but never really cared about it until recently
I am not fussed with the .com being used for a good commercial website at all and wish him the best
and as I am interested more in information/hobbyist/no-profit type media I am happy with my domains
I think I only needed one domain really but it was hard to choose which one! haha - seems an obvious over-tree name. so this will be the hub of all something coming - this can just be basically what is - this seems similar that is here!
(i'll think more on these two latter domains)

in other news:
i updated
this is running on google sites and there is a little problem in directing my domain to it
the front page itself works but the 'sitemap' page doesn't
something to work on...

 more news posted soon once i get myself organizized

edit jan 17.. abandoning free tk domains and avoiding google sites.

edit apr 17 .. i'll be using for sites i think... at least for the upcoming ones

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Things to Do

I want to get these things down while I am thinking about them.

- List of domains and where they will point

- The PSP site
   Links to other PSP info
   Easy site
   Page of my own current learning and what I'm doing on PSP
   Connected to The Knee

- The Kook
   I'm not sure if it will be separate to Konspiracy, exactly the same page or a combination
   Basically The Kook will be the paranoid conspiracy theorist in me
   Will eventually be connected to Talk Kast
   How to differentiate between stoneskull and the kook

- Talk Kast
   Amateur independent voices
   People who don't normally, have never done or woudn't have even thought of having a radio show
   (A basic list of mp3s by contributors and topics)
   Ask people if they're interested in speaking on whatever topics they like
   A page for each about them and their topic
   Who to ask and how?

- ^ something to think about again but basically abandoning all this tk stuff.
edit jan 23 17

- This blog on Blogger/Blogspot
   Whether to continue as I am with Dan and my inner thoughts or whether to just make it a stoneskull blog

- The Knee
   Over tree that includes PSP, music, travel, gaming, comics and other art/craft/creative sort of things

- The Knife and The Kicker
   What are these?

- Connecting my myspace blog, skull burst, this blog.. to The Kerb

- The Kerb
   More thoughts on how it works and linking

- Mobile, G+, Facebook
  What is Google Plus good for?
  Make sites readable on mobile devices?
  A 'likable' facebook page?

- Others
   Smelly and Tantrik
   The Kitty
   Whether to get any proper domains like .com

P.S. Why am I publishing this rather than just do this offline on my computer? Haha.. it helps me doing it this way.. whether nobody is looking at this, lots of people or just me.. it keeps me accountable and also it lasts forever and is accessabel anywhere on any device.


My name is Dan.

My blog here will be my honest thoughts on things.

Quite separate and removed from the areas my ego goes on the web, especially in its alter-ego, stoneskull.

On here, I am Dan.

Disassociated from the anger and issues that get to me.

I guess this is the personal diary section of a multi-faceted adventure I'm on.

Today I started a new web journey, spreading myself out further than I have before but also connecting those spread parts together as well, as one weird entity.

I've created a website and there will be at least one more to come, to cover these parts.

All my interests and my social networking sites will be linked together around a hub.. with different pages and sites for each branch of me.

P.S. I signed up a blogspot account years ago under 'stoneskull'. It is still there but I am unable to access it due to it being registered with an email address provided by a service that shut up shop and so doesn't exist.. and me, not remembering the password for the blog account reset my password and the new one got sent to that non-existent email address. So, it is stuck.. and here I have Stoneskulls Blogspot with an 's' on the end. All in all, I don't mind that at all really.